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The art and the artist

Creative expression and self-expression

I choose the path of the artist because I long for a deep, creative expression of my soul. Art is my own language, my canvas where I can freely express my innermost thoughts, emotions and fantasies. It is not only a creative process for me, but a journey deep into my inner self, where I am allowed to explore the beauty of my own thoughts and the energy of my emotions.

Experience of the process of creation

Creating is more than just craft for me. It is a spiritual experience that anchors me in the present moment. When I create or paint my digital collages on a fine art level, I am in the here and now. In that moment, I find peace and recognize the infinite possibilities of the present moment. And I know everything will flow.

Being in the now

When creating art, I as an artist must be anchored in the present moment. This immersion in the present moment can be a highly meditative act and allows me to free myself from my worries, fears and problems of the past and the future.

Using cosmic energies

I firmly believe that I can connect to cosmic energies during my creative process. I feel universal forces flowing through me and directing my hands. It is as if I am a channel through which the energy of the universe flows and manifests itself in my works. This conviction leads me to see something greater, be it the universe, nature, or the divine as it lives and speaks to us.

Hermetic Laws and Spirituality

The hermetic laws are part of my guidelines. I understand the laws of attraction and vibration in the approach and use them consciously to create and shape my reality. My thoughts, emotions and intentions become a part of my art and I strongly believe that my creations are not only an expression of my soul, but can also influence the world around me. We as artists tell a story and leave messages through each work.

Societal reflection and social transformation

Art is also a means for me to reflect on society and bring about change. I see my works as powerful messages that address social inequalities, political grievances and historical events that are hard to find in the mainstream. Through my art, I hope to open hearts, create awareness, and make people think. In each step of my work I find a true and deep meaning and power.

Many exciting topics become significant


As an artist, I am interested in anthropology, the science of human development and culture. Through my art I explore the diversity of human facial features, postures and expressions. I study different cultures and their traditions to capture the essence of human experience in my work. Anthropology inspires me to identify the similarities and differences between people and express them in my art.


History is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It contains stories of triumphant moments and heartbreaking tragedies, of cultural change and human progress. In my work, I explore historical events and eras. I am influenced by ancient civilizations, medieval works of art, or revolutionary movements. History gives me context and helps me understand and interpret human nature and its constant search for identity and meaning.


The geological world, with its majestic mountains, rugged coastlines and colorful minerals, fascinates me. In my art, I reflect the beauty and majesty of nature by depicting geological formations in abstract landscapes or organic forms. Geology teaches me about the permanence of nature and its transformative power, which I strive to capture in my work. However, there are also scientific studies on geological features, which again are not discussed too much in society. Because, it would upset the general human image and also very upside down.

Species and ethnicity

In a world of diverse species and ethnicities, it is of great importance to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each human being. Through my artistic work, I want to understand racial studies not only as a scientific study, but also as a homage to diversity and human heritage. I explore the beauty of different skin tones, facial features, and traditions and incorporate this diversity into my collage art to create an awareness of the beauty of humanity. I also like to show how these might have looked in an era long before us and resting behind closed minds.

Reduce prejudices

A careful and respectful approach to racial lore is crucial. If this knowledge is used to appreciate the diversity and rich cultural heritage of humanity. Prejudices must be reduced and mutual understanding promoted. And then it can make a positive contribution. The proper application of race science can help overcome stereotypes, combat discrimination, and promote respect for all people regardless of their background. Therefore, it is not race science per se that is problematic, but rather the way people use this knowledge. With an ethical approach and an awareness of the historical contexts in which race science has often been misused, this scientific field can help build bridges between cultures and contribute to the promotion of tolerance and acceptance.

Interpretation of terms

Here I would like to add something in view of the present time, which has been formed into an ideocrazy circus out of misunderstanding and propaganda. Race studies, also known as anthropology or ethnology, is a major scientific field concerned with the study and understanding of human races and cultures. It is important to emphasize that race science is not in itself objectionable. The problem lies not in the scientific research itself, but in the way these findings can be interpreted and applied.


I find an endless source of inspiration in the fusion of anthropology, history, geology, and even species lore. These sciences not only provide me with a rich knowledge of the world, but also help me create deeper narratives in my collage art. My works are not only visual expressions, but also a tribute to the rich diversity of humanity and the world that surrounds us all.