Driven by a metaphysical world view, SIGGI VON VRIL creates works that are inspired by the laws of the cosmos and nature. The beauty of the things of time and their history, combined with the futuristic visions of the artist, that is what SIGGI VON VRIL shows.

A very own contemplation of the world and its hiddenness. The world and life raise profound questions. These works are the result of the processing and representation of a journey in search of deeper answers.

The digitally created prints are Fine Art assembled picture elements, which are digitally and artistically deformed. It is image manipulation on a Fine Art level. Self-created photographs of people are sometimes superimposed and deformed so often that a completely new face emerges. Portraits of beings from SIGGI VON VRIL's vision.

The feeling behind the process of creation is the drive to the finished work. More and more ideas flow in until the work is fully completed. It is a journey into the unknown and yet with a very specific goal.

Each painting offers so many different paths to realisation on that journey that it is unavoidable not to connect inwardly with the particular work of art in order to bring out the best possible.

Let the inner child come out and play with all the elements you have at your disposal. Creating new elements and putting them together is what SIGGI's work is all about. There is no pigeonholing, there is clear exploration and creation. Ideas that are brought into the physical world through meditative inspirations. Research on topics such as history, philosophy, anthropology, physics and many more topics help to understand things better in order to integrate them into art in the end. It is an interplay of science and fiction.

All works available in the print shop are printed on high-quality Hahnemühle art paper. In the online shop there are guidelines which have proved to be very successful. Nevertheless, there is the possibility to play with some elements and to flexibly produce customised prints for the customer. There are many Hahnemühle art papers that you can order as a customer. The white border on each print can be reduced or enlarged as desired. If you already have a nice frame and you can't find the right size in the online shop, please send me an email. I am happy to customise my artwork for you.

There is usually a limited edition and an open edition, which you can order in my online shop. Of some works there is only a small limited edition to keep the interest in investing in the art market attractive for my clients and also to give the works a timeless high value.

Artworks are also created on the clients' vision. I also collaborate with artists to create and enhance things like record covers, book covers or similar themes together. Please feel free to send me an enquiry.

"Your beliefs become self-proving realities."– Seth –