Mixed Media

Kunden Berlin Galerie Ausstellung Kunstdrucke Sculpture Africaine - Siggi von Vril


The idea behind the installations and the mixed media artworks is, on the one hand, to recreate some digitally created artworks into a unique piece for the customer and thus provide the viewer with an exciting and completely new view of the work. Each artwork is reworked differently and thus also gives the observer a completely new and unique story and artwork to invest in.

Different details are incorporated, such as crystals, healing stones, materials from nature, jewellery of any origin – matching the deep being of the picture, which was created digitally beforehand. Paintings with all their different techniques, which help the whole picture to become unique through their colours and adherence, make up an impressive part of each work. Sometimes clay and similar materials are additionally processed and integrated into a mixed media work. Depending on what energy the picture has at its base, things are incorporated and worked into it. Here, too, the journey is always set with a clear goal. But here, too, the journey does not always go as planned and something is created that was not manifested at the beginning. And that is precisely the beauty of the process of creation.

Free yourself from rules and boundaries and just do it.

The deeper meaning in each work is now allowed to unfold infinitely more. Well-selected and individually adapted frames round off the whole artwork into a massive and strong-looking wall art. For some artworks, I design and build the picture frames myself here in Berlin or redesign them according to my preferences and to match the artwork, in order to let the individuality of the respective picture stand for itself even more. This also gives the whole work additional strength. To give the artworks longevity, some pieces are cast with different resins. This way you can still feel the structures of the materials and nothing seems caged in, but free and you get a unique look. Beautiful and individual picture frames are a MUST from my point of view and integrate the artwork once again in its own way. I have long admired the art of making picture frames. Wearing an exciting frame around your picture, which is so to speak unique and beautiful, thus brings you as a customer an exciting work with timeless power and potential for investment of a special kind.

“There is no religion (or law) higher than the truth!” – H.P. Blavasky –