Diana Nagler Atelier Vril Berlin

Who is Siggi von Vril

The physical perception of a creative essence expressing itself through my soul and the possibilities available to it. This is SIGGI VON VRIL, a self-reflection journey. A cosmic journey with the aim to expand and regenerate. To strive for healing of all lives that are connected to my soul. All according to the thought of creating reality.

In the life of SIGGI VON VRIL, animals, nature, life and the exploration of teachings from a time mostly forgotten by mankind are of the highest importance. I was able to perceive the connection with animals and their pure souls from the very beginning and knew that they have an underestimated but high value. I can draw the most from the energy of animals and calm myself down to dive intensively into my creative process. Dogs have taught me a lot about love and responsibility towards another and innocent being. The unconditional love that animals carry is what we humans search for all our lives and yet we waste it endlessly. We too carry this infinite and unconditional love within us, but we usually need a whole lifetime to let it live. I am lucky to have understood these things in the beginning and may now try to implement these insights in my life. We will see…

I am interested in many aspects of our reality, yet they are only interpretations of a moment and its observer.

In spiritual being there is no ambiguity, which is why I don’t want to be pigeonholed. No one knows from the other who he really is in himself. We are all actors on the stage called the world. I am creation and love, everything else is only lent. For this reason, art is more likely to be equated with self-discovery and its presentation. Since this self-discovery involves many steps, the art through which I express myself is also very diverse.

Starting with graphic design activities and a corresponding academic education, through years of working in fashion and advertising as a fashion stylist and creative adviser, I came back to an old love, photography. And so it took its course that I incorporated many, if not all, of the lessons from my current life into a serious project called  SIGGI VON VRIL.

Siggi is the name of one of my deceased maternal uncles who went blind when he was very young. The uncle remained far unknown to me and yet I felt connected to him all my life. To this day I cannot explain why. Now his name should adorn my art label. Vril is the cosmic elemental force, the prana, the chi, life force and many more terms are used to explain this energy. It is about the power that drives us. A force deeply rooted in us that makes us climb every obstacle.

“I am part of a force that wants evil and creates good“. (Goethes Faust)

By confronting good in the world, evil thus achieves the opposite of its original will. It enables good to gain a foothold in the world in the first place. The mere idea of good thus becomes the truly good through the intervention of evil. This may sound paradoxical, but it is perfectly logical according to dialectical understanding. Mephisto, i.e. we humans, actually embody the force that – because it wants evil – creates good.

“What shines is born for the moment. What is genuine remains unaltered for posterity.” – Goethe –