Fetisch GmbH, Atelier Vril Berlin, Illustraion Design Siggi vo vril
Fetisch GmbH, Atelier Vril Berlin, Illustraion Design
Fetisch GmbH, Atelier Vril Berlin, Illustraion Design
Fetisch GmbH, Atelier Vril Berlin, Illustraion Design
Fetisch GmbH Kooperation Künstler Berlin
Fetisch GmbH, Atelier Vril Berlin, Illustraion Design

Co-operation between SIGGI VON VRIL and Fetisch.GmbH

For Fetisch.GmbH, I was able to contribute to the redesign of the interface area. From now on, the face of the company can be shown in a more modern and artistic way.

The owner and managing director of EROTIK WEBAGENTUR, Thomas, approached me and told me with great enthusiasm about his latest project, the purchase of a fetish-orientated platform, FETISCH.GMBH. Here, various artists from the erotic sector have the opportunity to present themselves free of charge. Shops, channels, designers, clubs such as the KitKatClub in Berlin and many more connect on this platform and bring their craft or art to specific target groups. Thousands of fans from the erotic business and their followers regularly visit the Fetisch.GmbH website, providing a great opportunity to connect and present themselves. In the first phase after the technical takeover of the new website, we worked hard to incorporate a new look that fits the theme, yet is more modern and expressive than what previously populated the platform’s homepage. Artworks for a forward-thinking company in the adult market that recognises how illustration and other artistic techniques (collage art, drawing, painting etc.) can engage the target audience on a deeper level. The area offers a lot of room for change in terms of aesthetics.

I am interested in many aspects of our reality, yet they are only interpretations of a moment and its observer.

Overall, participating in the adult and fetish market as an artist offers a variety of opportunities for creative fulfilment, financial stability, personal discovery and community building. It is a decision that depends on individual preferences, interests and goals, but can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for many female artists.

“Eroticism is the most intimate and lively language of art; it is perhaps the highest thing that art has to say.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Co-operation between SIGGI VON VRIL and a swimwear shop in Thailand/ Koh Phanghan

Creating artwork for exciting people that reflects a story is something wonderful.

A friend with whom I have been associated for many years asked me to design an artwork for her new bath shop. She wanted her existing logo to be incorporated into the artwork and gave me the creative freedom for the concept. My aim was to create something that not only incorporated the logo, but also reflected her personality and depicted some important aspects of her life. With this artwork I tell a story about a little boy who wanted to be a girl.

The journey is the destination.

The story behind the picture: The main character in this work of art basically embodies Missy herself. She is fashionable, elegant and yet dressed in a seductive way with a kind of fetish look. Men love her for her classic, yet fashionable and modern style. But also because she has a loving soul. She shines like a butterfly that has just emerged from its cocoon – a metamorphosis in full bloom. The little boy from back then who wanted to be a woman so badly has made it. She has realised her visions and dreams through work, diligence, love and manifestation. The sun portal shines above her and emphasises her initials, just as it did in her life. The artwork is imbued with music and positive vibrations, which fits perfectly with the newly opened shop.

“Friendship is one soul in two bodies.” Aristotle