Dialogue of the soul

“There are people who are very concerned with my ideas and do not know my name at all. There are people who are quite content with their lot and do not know my name. They know themselves. They are aware of the vitality of their being and do not need me to tell them that they are important.

I don’t need to tell the flowers and cats and trees that they are important either, and there are many people who don’t need me for the same reason. These people know the vitality of their existence. They ignore the belief systems of their time. They are ancient children. They may not read philosophy, but they listen to the wind. They follow the course of the seasons.

If you were content with your existence, you wouldn’t be here.

Those who are content do not need my voice. They draw enough strength from dawn and dusk. They may be digging ditches or working in fields or factories. They do not need to listen to my voice because they listen to the voices of the oaks and the birds and the voice of their
of their own being.

I am a poor imitation of the voice of your psyche to which you do not listen. I will no longer be needed, and I will be happy when you realise that vitality and strength and joy are yours, and when you rise from the source of your own being, when you realise that you don’t need me to protect you, because there is nothing to protect yourself against.” (Conversations with Seth)