SIGGI VON VRIL , born in the former GDR, living in Berlin, Germany
began studying cultural studies with a focus on art history after graduating from high school. Started after the college at the univerity Graduated from a graphic design school in Stuttgart in 2003 and then worked as a graphic designer. Later she started a career as a fashion stylist and creative advisor, which brought her clients such as fashion magazines, musicians and personalities like ELLE, RAMMSTEIN, MATTHÄUS.

In her early youth she already began with photography. After graduating from high school, she went to the university in Frankfurt/O. to study cultural studies to get closer to the subject of photojournalism and photography at all as photography schools were to expensive for her, but did not finish her studies. She felt little inspiration there. Meanwhile, she traveled to England for a semester abroad and came into contact with new media through new circumstances. She decided to pursue an artistic education that reshaped her skills. Then followed a process of creative learning that, among other things, later brought Siggi into the world of fashion and advertising. She was able to apply and hone her knowledge well up to that point. After a few years, inspired by photographers she worked with, she picked up her camera again and started shooting professionally under ATELIER VRIL. Then, in 2022, SIGGI decided to focus even more intensely on her artistic career and give SIGGI VON VRIL even more attention.

Interesting about it is that in her works secular, as well as larger-than-life themes, so also political situations in the world and history, appear again and again in her works. Thus, the circle had closed and she has found her own way to communicate important messages that make up our current level and also direct.

SIGGI’s work is characterised by a photographic fine-art collage style informed by fashion, history and science fiction. All parts of her work are in her hands.

Starting from the preparatory photo shoots with models and protagonists to the synergy of images and fragments of photographic images that form the finished artwork. SIGGI’s work combines various artistic elements and crosses the boundaries of some fields such as photography, fashion, manipulation, collage and classical cultic art into a synthesis, a completely new aesthetic. SIGGI’s works quickly became a concept of storytelling, mother earth, fertility, protection, creation, metaphysical thinking, symbolism, cult and illusion. This aestheticism and romanticism of beauty is imbued with a deeper sense of consciousness.

SIGGI’s images are beautiful and powerful, although very constructed, they create their own reality. It is a mixture of illusion and reality, history and science, and science fiction and futuristic thinking.