Artist Words

The living image of the world arises in the mind. The world that presents itself to us is like a three-dimensional painting that each individual helps to create.

Every shade of colour, every line that appears in the painting has previously been drawn in someone’s mind, and only afterwards does it take shape in the outside world. In this case, however, we as artists are ourselves a part of the painting and appear depicted there. There is no effect in the outer world that does not spring from an inner source. There is no impulse for action that does not first arise in the mind.

But what to do when the inside is empty?

Is it not therefore absolutely necessary to shape our society into one in which attention is paid to the inner rather than the outer? External in the sense of materialism. Ego, too many possessions, wrong thought processes against human nature and much more. If the inside is formed by love and strength, imagine a world created by such people. By people who value spirit over matter.

It would be paradise on earth.